Water Parks in North Carolina – Indoor and Outdoor

Welcome to WPW’s water parks in North Carolina page. We provide information about water parks from all around the country and the world. If you are looking to enjoy some fun in the water weather inside or out, you have come to the right place.

water-parks-world-sharkNorth Carolina has a lot to offer in the way of fun. No matter what time of year it is, you are bound to find a water park that offers everything you can handle. NC has both indoor and outdoor water parks that are sure to please.

The weather in this state during the summer is absolutely fantastic for outside water activities. The sun is hot and the water is cool. This makes for a terrific atmosphere for a fun filled day at one of their fabulous water worlds.

In the winter you can enjoy the wonders of indoor water slides at Great Wolf Lodge. Indoor water parks offer fun in the water no matter what time of year it is or what the weather is doing outside.

Below you will find information on all North Carolina water parks we found. At the beginning of each snippet of information is a link to the full page about that park. Make sure to check each of them out and find the park that suits you.

Why are you still listening to me blab? The North Carolina water park information you want is below.


Outdoor Water Parks in North Carolina

Wet ‘N Wild Emerald Pointe – Ah, there is nothing quite like a Wet ‘N Wild water park. This one, located in Greensboro, NC offers a tremendous amount of water attractions. From the double barrel blast to the Lazee River, this park offers something for everyone. Make sure to read our full information page.

Carowinds and Boomerang Bay – Part of the Carowinds amusement park, Boomerang Bay is a full on water park. For one low price, you can go from sliding and twisting your way down a water slide to drying off on a roller coaster. Carowinds is located in Charlotte, NC. Check it out.

White Lake Water Park – Located in White Lake North Carolina, This water park offers enough fun activities to keep a family busy for the day. It may not be the biggest park around but it still looks like a lot of fun.

Jungle Rapids Water Park – This water park which is located in Wilmington North Carolina has about five different water rides for you to chose from. While this isn’t a lot of water activities, they make up for it with out of water fun. Check it out.


Indoor Water Parks in North Carolina

Great Wolf Lodge, Concord – If you have been reading through our site at all then you know we are huge fans of the Great Wolf Lodge indoor parks and indoor water parks in general. This one is located just outside of Charlotte in Concord North Carolina. Do yourself and your family a favor and check out this inside water wonder land.

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Now get your bun’s out there and enjoy one of there terrific water parks in North Carolina.

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