Water Parks in Alaska

Water Parks in Alaska – Indoor and Outdoor

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wpwlogoOk, yes we are seriously writing a page about water parks in the great state of Alaska. Yes we do know it gets blistering cold there and that the summers aren’t even very good for water activities, but were doing it anyway.

With the recent craze of indoor water parks, even places like the cold north state of Alaska can allow water enthusiasts fun year round.

As you can probably imagine, there aren’t very many of these parks in Alaska. There just isn’t a large enough population and well the weather sucks!

Actually, we only found one water park in Alaska. Don’t overlook it though, you can find more information below.

If we missed a park you know of, please let us know.


Outdoor Water Parks in Alaska

Unfortunately we weren’t able to find any outdoor parks in this state. We can’t really blame anyone for this. The weather just isn’t good enough for it. Don’t despair though, there are still indoor water parks.



Indoor Water Parks in Alaska


H20asis – Located in Anchorage Alaska, H20asis is a fun indoor water park that has something for the whole family to enjoy. From the Lazy River to the water slides, there is something for everyone. Find more information in the link above.



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